Dennie and her Dogs

I have a great friend who I visit once a month. Her name is Dennie. We talk, mostly about dogs, her dogs, my dog, the dogs she looks after and just dogs in general. After I help her out by doing some basic canine health procedures…albeit a little bit smelly (two of her dogs suffer anal gland impaction…yuk!)…we share a glass of wine or two and talk mostly about dogs but also gardening. I admire Dennie’s garden A LOT! Sometimes I take cuttings of her plants in the hope that one day my garden will be as beautiful as hers.

In Dennie’s lounge room she has framed photographs all over one of her living room walls and below on a buffet table in various urns sits the ashes of all her rescued dogs that have passed on. After one regular visit I told Dennie I was returning the next month to photograph her current dogs so that she can have beautiful portraits of them whilst they are here, alive and healthy and they now adorn her opposite living room wall.

Dennie has always been actively involved in fostering and pet rescue and all her pets have been a foster failure or a dog in a shelter that she has been watching for some time that may not have received a home. Her life is devoted to her dogs and helping other dogs in need and I admire her so much!

This is George, the eldest of the bunch and Dennie’s newest addition. He is sweet, affectionate and I think just so very grateful for the life he leads now after living most of his life on tether, rarely receiving attention and suffering terrible skin complaints that were easily rectified!

Dog Photos BrisbanepinimagePet Photography Brisbanepinimage

The connection that Dennie has with her dogs, their amazing behaviour in a multi-dog environment and the level of care and attention that they receive is above and beyond. After working in the animal industry for so long I have seen the best and the worst examples of pet ownership and I know exactly where this scenario lies! True and Winnie, the blue Staffies below, came into Dennie’s life around the same time that I did and I can tell you I had never seen these two girls as healthy and happy as they are now.

Dog Photographer BrisbanepinimageBindz PhotographypinimagePet Photography Brisbanepinimage

Dennie’s Cocker Spaniel, Pearl, goes absolutely ballistic every time I come around, I’m not sure what it is, Dennie isn’t sure what. Apparently I am the only visitor that she comes out for let alone carries on the way she does…I secretly love it 😀

Brisbane Pet Portraitspinimage

As much as I not so secretly love her garden!

Brisbane Artistic Pet Photographerpinimage

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