Everton Hills Artwork

Here are some mock up pictures using photos of the walls with images to scale.  This is the sort of layout I would do with the space.

  • On the wall opposite the reception a square 24×24″ with a matching 24×36″


  • Another 24×24″ on the wall that you see as you walk in, next to the consult room entrance (keeping the height of all three canvasses in the reception the same will make it look neat and well planned when they are hung).


  • Another 24×36″ single canvas in the consult room.


The following are photos that I thought you could choose from, in the waiting area the 3 will have to coordinate and I think these should be ‘happy’ images.  In the consult room I would choose a really ‘arty’ one as the wall is so large and plain and it will have more impact.  If you want a cat image that isn’t Storm (her face is quite intense) I will be photographing Lucy’s cats soon and should get some more options.


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