Giving Back

I have always and always will be an avid pet lover.  Actually avid is an understatement!  Before becoming a self taught photographer and embarking on this exciting photography adventure I have spent the remainder of my adult life becoming and then working as a veterinarian.  The bonds formed between people and their pets is what brings me joy and satisfaction, the heartache of knowing a pet is never going to be able to have or feel that special bond with their special someone is unbearable.  It is usually to no fault of their own but purely circumstantial.  That is why I endeavour to constantly support animal shelters and rescue organisations and offer my services free of charge to photograph pets searching for their forever homes.  By creating beautiful, professional images that display an animal’s unique nature and identity we can increase the number of adoptions and help these animals find their special place and bond.  Please contact me to learn more about my shelter and adoption animal services.

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